Book your place now! Be -Longing: From solo to group improvisationAn exploration based on Gaga, C.I and improvisation with Emma Rozgoni and Noam Carmeli.A workshop that aims to explore the principles of Gaga, contact improvisation andimprovisation — as a way to enrich our voice as a mover. Noam Carmeli studied architecture in Israel and Amsterdam and worked in this field until 2010.He began to dance in London in 2000, and since then continued to research and studywithin the field of dance, body and movement.Noam has been teaching and sharing his work since 2004 in the setting of professionaldance companies, universities, festivals and open workshops in Israel, Europe and Asia,as well as performing in various improvisation based projects in Israel and abroad.These days alongside teaching, dancing and giving treatments he is the generalmanager of the ‘Israeli C.I Association’ and manager of ‘TENA’-studio for Movement andBody Research. Noam is also in the middle of his MA studies in Dance andImprovisation research at the Jerusalem Academy.#tampere #gaga #improvisation #contactimprovisation #treenitry #turkudansartry